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Michelle Knutson|July 29, 2020

​​​​​​​A  D E S E R T  E S C A P E  

Has quarantine made all of us creatures of habit or just me? I feel like it may bring on a bit of deja vu, but similar to my last update, I packed up my bag and headed out of LA for another day trip away from the city. Last weekend, we hopped house to house (with safety measures and social distancing!) checking out what the Palm Springs market
currently has to offer. It's insane to me how hot (punny, I know) that market is in the dead heat of summer this year due to COVID - everyone's out looking for their winter sanctuary for when we lose the weather locally. 
There's something about the desert that always intrigues me - the heat (115° at that!), dry natural beauty, and obviously the architecture. We were checking out 3 houses that day - 2 mid-centuries and a Spanish villa. If you'd like to see a tour of all 3, I made a quick video here. 
As August and the start of a virtual school year approaches, I've been trying to pause and reflect on how we can celebrate and cement this summer before it's over. What's on your family's bucket list?

In happiness and health,

​​​​​​​C U R R E N T L Y

​​​​​​​Bingeing: I am well-aware how behind the times I am as I say this so do not be like me and sleep on The Politician
on Netflix. While I was at goop, Gwyneth was gone filming this for some time and I can't believe I didn't jump on the
bandwagon immediately when it was released!

Swapping: I'm on mission to spruce up on my current couch situation. Pillows from Target (half with holes in them)
simply aren't cutting it anymore with all this time at home. I've been stalking this sustainable textile shop until I can
make a decision!

​​​​​​​T H I N G S  O F  N O T E 

  1. Seeing my name on my first official sign was everything! Life is all about the little moments. Check out the lease details here.

  2. We've also just launched 2 impeccable listings in Beverly Grove. Both designer done to perfection - dive down the \interior design inspo rabbit hole here and here.

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